Full Service Real Estate Law Firm

The Bennett Law Office is a full service real estate law firm offering consultations, advise and services related to all types of residential and commercial property transfers. We also offer services related to rental agreements, lease agreements, rent to own and purchase contracts.

The Bennett Law Office has extensive experience in New York real estate issues, representing buyers and sellers in a broad range of real estate transactions. We can assist you in the purchase or sale of your home, business or even vacant land. We are prepared to explain the transfer process from start to finish and are committed to making the process effortless for our clients. We take care of all the details of every type of house closing.

Make sure to contact us before you decide to buy or sell a home. It is important that you have an attorney to prepare or review any contracts that you enter into because that is what will control the transaction. Having an attorney before you sign any contract is very important.

Also, many people fail to understand the importance of having their own attorney if they are purchasing a home and financing through a bank. Under those circumstances it is a good idea that you have your own attorney. The bank attorney represents the bank’s interests and you need someone representing your interests.

If you need a real estate lawyer to handle your house closing, land transfer or any other type of real estate matter contact us for a free consultation.